Accredited Laboratory

We are proud to announce that as of 6 May 2013
Cermalab is a SANAS Accredited high temperature laboratory,
dedicated to improving quality, competetitiveness and profitablity of suppliers,
manufatcurers and users in the ceramic market. The facility is accredited in
accordancewith the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2018


SANS 1449:2012:

Ceramic tile moisture expansion


SANS 52004: 2012:

Ceramic Tile Adhesive Testing

Concrete slabs


SANS 227: 2007

Burnt Clay Masonry Units (bricks):

Dimensions; Warpage; CCS; Water absorption; Soundness; Moisture expansion; Water soluble salts; Shape; Appearance; Texture and Colour


SANS 1575: 2007

Burnt Clay Paving Units:

Dimensions; Warpage; MoR; Moisture expansion; Shape; Appearance; Texture and Colour


Our collaboration with Light Metals entails managing accredited refractory testing procedure, including the following:

 • Density and Porosity

 • Thermal Conductivitiy

 • Cold Crushing Strength

 • Modulus of Rupture

 • Young's Modulus

 • Thermal Expansion