Brickmaking Course

The Institute for Ceramic Education (ICE), affiliated to Cermalab offers its brick-making course over a period of sixteen weeks (the 8 Module Basic Brick-making Sandwich Course), providing that no fewer than ten (10) students attend.


The contents of this course includes the following:

• The geology of clays

• Mining of raw materials

• Feeders, conveyors, screens etc

• Crushing and grinding

• Forming methods

• Drying and drying systems

• Firing and firing systems

• Quality Assurance & Quality Control


WHO should attend?

  1. Factory Managers
  2. Production Managers
  3. Production Foremen
  4. Supervisors
  5. Quality Assurance Managers and laboratory staff
  6. Anyone that is interested in learning this skill

Course presenters:

Pieter du Toit, M.Sc. Engineering Ceramics.

Dries van Vuuren, B.Sc.(Hons.) in Ceramics Technology.



Quality Control Course

The quality control course for brick makers is designed to provide learners with the necessary practical skills to perform the in-process inspection and control of the manufacturing processes .


1.When and where to do in-process testing in the factory.
2. Random and representative sampling.
3. Standard process control tests.
4. Testing methods: mix calculations, moisture contents, shrinkage, particle size, column hardness, dimensions wet , dry and fired, lab firings, water absorption and strength .
5. Chemical analysis, mineralogical analysis, differential thermal analysis, thermal gravimetric analysis , thermal expansion.
6. Final product testing: shape, size, grade, dimensions, warpage , efflorescence, strength, water absorption, moisture expansion, soundness, soluble salt content.
7. The use of statistics to collect data, analyze the data, summarize that data and then report the results in an unambiguous and unbiased format.


Courses Facilitators :
Dries van Vuuren: B.Sc (Hons.) (Ceramics Technology )
Bruce Berger: B.Tech.  Refractories Engineering